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Mika - Grace Kelly

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The Bottom Line

"Grace Kelly" is one of the most bold debut singles in recent years by a pop artist on a major label. The sheer fabulousness of it all flew to the top of the pop singles chart in the UK where Queen's Freddie Mercury is still revered as one of the all-time pop gods. It's anyone's guess whether Mika's kicky, even campy, approach will connect with audiences in the US, but, for those who do pay attention, "Grace Kelly" is a grand introduction to an exciting talent.

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  • The sheer audacity of Mika's approach
  • Candy-coated, sunsplashed pop melody


  • At the edge of over-the-top


  • Tap-dance rhythms
  • Helium-edged vocals bathed in the spirit of Freddie Mercury
  • Grand, irresistible pop melody

Guide Review - Mika - Grace Kelly

It's difficult to imagine a more effective song to introduce Mika. The lyrics describe an attempt to channel the spirit of the eternal princess Grace Kelly with a touch of Queen's Freddie Mercury to make it all a bit more upbeat. He's willing to be whatever will pull pop fans into his performance orbit.

The song "Grace Kelly" skates toward the edge of parody but always deftly pulls back into a joyful, celebratory, candy-coated mode. The overall aura of fabulousness is reminiscent of Scissor Sisters mediated with a lighter touch. Kick off your musical inhibitions and you will be wanting to dance and sing along before the song winds to an end.

In the UK, the pop music establishment put up little resistance to the joyfulness of Mika's approach and "Grace Kelly" was soon sitting at the top of the pop singles chart. However, in the US, where it seems the pop music establishment, particularly pop radio, is sensitive to music blurring traditional gender identity boundaries, Mika could have difficulty gaining traction. That is unfortunate, but perhaps Mika may just be the fresh face needed to break down the barriers.

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