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Owl City - "Fireflies"

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


Owl City - Ocean Eyes

Owl City - Ocean Eyes

Courtesy Republic

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It started out in a Minnesota bedroom, and now Owl City, a one-man project by Adam Young, is invading the pop singles chart. "Fireflies" is filled with whimsy from its lyrics about ten million fireflies to the sweetly simple melodies. It's difficult to listen to "Fireflies" without a smile creeping across your face.


  • Playful synthesized electronic pop melodies
  • Lyrics of fanciful play
  • Uniqueness in the mainstream pop world


  • Thin vocals


  • Written by Adam Young
  • Produced by Adam Young
  • Released July 2009 by Universal Republic

Guide Review - Owl City - "Fireflies"

From the first synthesizer blips that kick off "Fireflies," you feel yourself being taken off to a playful and fanciful musical world. It's no surprise then that the song's lyrics unveil thoughts about such unlikely top 40 songs topics as lightning bugs, dancing, and insomnia. Some may find the content a bit twee, but it could also be seen as a refreshing turn to elements of real life devoid of the intense drama of love and relationships.

The synthesized melodies gradually crescendo to a cathartic chorus giving the music some gravity just when it could drown in a sea of sugary sweetness. Recording effects help Adam Young add interest to vocals that otherwise could feel rather ordinary. The power in "Fireflies" is not simply in its whimsy. Creative musical arrangements distinguish Owl City from a crowd of solo musical projects.

The success of "Fireflies" demonstrates both the power and the vitality of social networking communities. Adam Young came to the attention of the pop music world through posting of his creations to MySpace. It is difficult to imagine discovering music like this in any other way, and the world of "10 million fireflies" is not one we would want to miss.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Profundity In Kiddie Pop, Member Aksa8

It's easy to be deceived by the simplicity and the pre-teen appeal of ""Fireflies"". My personal opinion is that the basis of the cognitive relationship a listener develops with this song determines, to a large extent, the degree of one's appreciation of the serious elements of the work. I heard it on the car stereo, without any of the children-centeric visual references that the video projects. My raw, untutored impression was that of a phantasmagoric piece of music that a brain could interpret for itself in magical visual terms, untramelled by the authoritarian and single-view-fits-all basis of all commerical videos. In my view, there would be nothing outlandish in a suggestion, for example, that there could be something like 'Variation On A Theme By Owl City' featuring a Philharmonic someplace. The surreal elements in the song would fit in nicely in any interpretation in a ballet. One just needs to take the blinkers off, not be misguided by pretense and the innate fear with many that simplicity can't be 'deep' or that one might contaminate one's personality by opening the neural gateways to creativity that snobbery could induce some to describe as 'unevolved'.

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