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Rob Thomas - "Her Diamonds"

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Rob Thomas -

Rob Thomas - "Her Diamonds"

Courtesy Atlantic Records

The Bottom Line

"Her Diamonds" is not as immediately arresting as when Rob Thomas kicked off his solo career with the funky "Lonely No More." However, the more you listen you realize "Her Diamonds" is Rob Thomas at his best in both songwriting and singing. Expect to hear "Her Diamonds" all over the radio all summer in 2009, and that's not a bad thing.



  • Rob Thomas' peerless, soulful vocals
  • Solid lyrics on the helplessness of seeing a loved one in pain
  • Gets better the more times you listen


  • Not much to complain about here


  • Written by Rob Thomas
  • Produced by Matt Serletic
  • Released April 2009 by Atlantic Records

Guide Review - Rob Thomas - "Her Diamonds"

A first listen to "Her Diamonds" may make you think it's relatively standard issue Rob Thomas bearing more than a passing resemblance to past Matchbox Twenty music. However, listen closer and there are multiple subtle touches that add up to a brilliant four and a half minutes of pop pleasure. Thomas elects here to work once again with producer Matt Serletic which helps add a consistent sound to the music in his catalog. Rob Thomas is one of the top pop songwriters and male vocalists in the music industry.

The percussion pattern kicking off "Her Diamonds" carries the song forward with a gentle push and a bit of swing as the tune progresses. Thomas' soulful and smooth vocals deliver the lyrics on the feelings of powerlessness when seeing a loved one in pain with subtlety. The imagery of "tears like diamonds on the floor" is a powerful one.

Rob Thomas and producer Matt Serletic have a nearly uncanny sense for what fits in pop radio of the moment. That talent continues here. "Her Diamonds" should be an instant add for most pop radio programmers. Reportedly, Cradlesong, the album that will feature "Her Diamonds," was initially planned as a high concept venture. However, it is now expected to simply be a collection of good songs. That is something everyone should look forward to, because Rob Thomas does know how to write and sing a good song.

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