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Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

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Justin Timberlake
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The Bottom Line

Whether or not sexy is truly back, it is obvious that dance music is back in the pop world with a vengeance for the summer of 2006. Justin Timberlake had the opportunity to lead the charge, but I fear "SexyBack" is just too weak of a song to sustain the interest of pop fans over the long term. That digitally distorted voice does grab your attention, but it soon wears thin.

Listen to "SexyBack."

Rate it yourself.


  • Grabs the listener's attention - the first time around
  • Aggressive attitude


  • Repetition - Is there no more song than this?
  • Lacking in truly sexy heat


  • Solid, thumping bass
  • Justin Timberlake's low register distorted vocals
  • Endless repetition

Guide Review - Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

It may be somewhat difficult to fairly judge the "SexyBack" single without the benefit of the accompanying video which is due out by July 25, 2006. A significant portion of Justin Timberlake's appeal is visual. However, it will take an outstanding little film to maintain interest in this repetitive number.

Everything kicks off in promising fashion with Justin Timberlake's slightly-digitally-warped voice promising he's "bringing sexy back." Timbaland helpfully directs us to the bridge and the chorus. A bit later there's a bit of s&m tease about shackles and whips then simply endless repeats. It is good to hear Justin again, but compared to "SexyBack," "Cry Me a River" was truly epic in scope.

I'm still eager to hear the full album FutureSex / LoveSounds. Justin Timberlake has put together impressive solo efforts in the past, and producer Timbaland did help craft Nelly Furtado's current deserved smash hit "Promiscuous." Next time, though, don't just tease, give us a full song.

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