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Ne-Yo - So Sick

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Courtesy Def Jam

The Bottom Line

Songwriter Ne-Yo, part of the team responsible for Mario's huge hit "Let Me Love You," is introducing himself to top 40 audiences with this sweetly soulful, but melancholy, tune. The mellifluous instrumental backing makes the song stand out. Ne-Yo's voice is pleasant, but more emotional involvement would have made his performance more memorable.


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  • Smooth keyboard-based soul
  • Perfect song for a melancholy winter day


  • Restrained vocals


  • Gently swaying midtempo rhythm occupies territory somewhere between slow ballads and dance tunes.
  • Catchy "so sick of love songs" chorus.
  • Pleasant but restrained voice.

Guide Review - Ne-Yo - So Sick

23-year-old Ne-Yo is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Chris Brown and become a key new face in r&b. "Stay," his first single, reached the top 40 on r&b charts. "So Sick" is his first significant hit with pop audiences.

The song follows a well-worn path expressing the emotion left behind when a relationship ends and one of the participants can't forget and move on. The smoothly soulful backing on the track gives a cool and melancholy feel that is pleasant for mid-winter listening. Ne-Yo's words express sincere emotion, but the role of radio songs in remembering a relationship was covered much more eloquently in Mariah Carey's huge hit "We Belong Together." More confidence and emotion in Ne-Yo's voice would have added a welcome intensity to the performance.

"So Sick" is not as immediately arresting as Chris Brown's breakthrough hit "Run It!" but Ne-Yo is still an artist to watch. His voice is engaging, and he has the ability to craft his own songs to fit his performing gifts. With the experienced Def Jam publicity team behind him, he is a performer to watch.

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