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Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Courtesy Big Machine Records

The Bottom Line

With this pop breakthrough single and teenage Taylor Swift's first country hit "Tim McGraw," a major new songwriting talent has arrived. Swift's lyrics pinpoint the life issues of a girl becoming a woman in refreshingly mature terms. There's nothing to get excited about in the production and arrangement of "Teardrops On My Guitar," but Taylor Swift's voice and lyrical style are what you will long remember.

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  • A true gift for songwriting
  • Vocals equally at home in country or as teen pop
  • Memorable chorus


  • Dull instrumental arrangement


  • Gentle guitar and brushed drums arrangement
  • Sweet, clear vocals
  • A story of secret love

Guide Review - Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

17-year-old Taylor Swift is the first teen country star to make a major crossover into the pop charts since the appearance of LeAnn Rimes back in the mid-90's. Swift accomplishes this feat by combining her sweet, teen-oriented vocals with confident songwriting that will strike an instantly familiar chord in many fellow teens. It is her skill at co-writing songs with a winning intimacy and memorable choral hooks that will provide the opportunity for becoming a top pop as well as a country star. Remove the twang of soft country guitar and "Teardrops On My Guitar" is the best teen pop ballad in quite some time.

The video which accompanies "Teardrops On My Guitar" features singer-songwriter Tyler Hilton as the boy "Drew" named in the song. The well-produced vignette brings home the tune's message, the pain of a good friend who is also a secret love, in direct terms. Despite a dull, lackluster country-pop production, this is one of the more memorable songs of the year 2007.

Giving the object of affections in this song a name, Drew, may restrict the universality of "Teardrops On My Guitar" somewhat, but it instantly gives the lyrics a significantly more intimate tone. Taylor Swift accomplished a similar feat in her first country hit, "Tim McGraw," by identifying the singer important to the lovers in the song. Swift's current country hit "Our Song" turns this effect on its head by the absence of a key title. Taylor Swift is a country talent that pop fans will want to know as well.

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