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Pink - U + Ur Hand

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Pink - U + Ur Hand

Pink - U + Ur Hand

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The Bottom Line

Just a couple of months back it looked like Pink's album I'm Not Dead had run its course in the US after just generating one minor hit single in "Stupid Girls." That was a shame, because I'm Not Dead was one of the better straightforward pop-rock albums of 2006, and most fans who didn't buy the album missed out on a number of good songs. Fortunately, in part due to tour publicity, "U + Ur Hand" is on the rise giving everyone another look at Pink.

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  • Pink's independent attitude
  • Ultra-catchy Max Martin - Dr. Luke trademark chorus


  • Cookie cutter pop-rock


  • Spartan opening drum and guitar arrangement
  • Snarling rock vocals from Pink
  • Lyrical call for independence for women going out at night

Guide Review - Pink - U + Ur Hand

Pink is one of our few current female pop stars (Kelly Clarkson's is another who comes to mind) who can sound convincingly fierce when she rocks out. Leaving much of her pop-soul past behind, Pink sounds perfectly at home in a pop-rock environment. It's no surprise that she draws upon production work from Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the team behind Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," to pull it off on "U + Ur Hand."

Lyrically, "U + Ur Hand" is a clarion call for the right of women to enjoy a night out without being preyed upon by men. When Pink sings "I'm not here for your entertainment, you don't really wanna mess with me tonight," you believe her. The spare, driving drum and guitar arrangement on the verse only serves to drive home the point.

As with "Stupid Girls," the video accompanying "U + Ur Hand" is well worth seeing. Both were directed by Dave Meyers, and Pink portrays a range of characters pulled from the pages of work by New Zealand cartoonist Martin Emond. Pink's persona in the video is identified as "Lady Delish."

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