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Katy Perry - "Waking Up In Vegas"

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Katy Perry -

Katy Perry - "Waking Up In Vegas"

Courtesy Capitol Records

The Bottom Line

This is the sound of some of the top talents in the pop music industry working together. Producer Greg Wells has hit paydirt recently with Mika's "Grace Kelly" and Timbaland and OneRepublic's "Apologize". Desmond Child is a veteran in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and Anders Carlsson first gained notice as an associate of Max Martin. All of this talent combined does not disappoint here.

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  • Clever lyrics
  • Potent charging pop
  • Catchy chorus


  • Katy Perry skates on the edge of too cute


  • Written by Katy Perry, Desmond Child, and Andreas Carlsson
  • Produced by Greg Wells and Katy Perry
  • Released April 2009 by Capitol Records

Guide Review - Katy Perry - "Waking Up In Vegas"

This time Katy Perry isn't kissing girls or worried male fickleness. She is stuck in Vegas without her fake ID or her boyfriend's motel room key. The detail in the song's story is fun propelled along by a steady beat that breaks into a chorus almost worthy of being an advertising jingle for Las Vegas tourism.

Anders Carlsson's past experience working with Max Martin is obvious in the song's poppy energy. Greg Wells has serious skill in helping turn a song into something unforgettably catchy. Then there is Katy Perry who fearlessly steps forward into stories and wit that skates the line between quite funny and annoyingly in your face.

This is a return to uptempo form for Perry after the slow down of the last single "Thinking Of You." Energetic pop is clearly the best at delivering her clever and witty words. The video that accompanies "Waking Up In Vegas" is of special note. It was directed by Joseph Kahn, one of the most experienced and decortated of video directors. Actor Joel David Moore co-stars with Katy Perry in the short visual story of a couple caught up in the world of Vegas. The clip is lush and filled with visual energy. It is a perfect foil for the singalong fun of the song "Waking Up In Vegas."

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