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David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - "When Love Takes Over"

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David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

Courtesy EMI

The Bottom Line

This is the exhilarating sound of two top level talents seriously hungry for a US pop breakthrough. Fortunately, it sounds like the pieces have come together and, with justice from the US pop breezes, "When Love Takes Over" will be a major hit. There is almost a nostalgic air wafting through with the disco beats and diva vocals. However, there's not a better song thus far for this summer's late night parties and weekends at the club. This song will breeze its way into your heart.

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  • That introductory piano line
  • Confident, classic diva vocals from Kelly Rowland
  • Airy, club-centric beat


  • Perhaps a bit too breezy and simple


  • Written by Kelly Rowland, David Guetta, Miriam Nervo, Olivia Nervo, and Fred Rister
  • Produced by David Guetta and Fred Rister
  • Released April 2009 by Virgin Records

Guide Review - David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - "When Love Takes Over"

French dance and pop DJ and producer David Guetta has taken the European pop world by storm. He has landed two top 10 pop smashes in the UK, and has five top 10 dance hits in the US to his credit. However, he has not yet made a serious dent in the US pop charts. Kelly Rowland gained tremendous fame as a member of Destiny's Child, and her future as a solo artist looked bright when "Dilemma," a duet with rapper Nelly, soared to #1 in 2002. However, a true follow up has been difficult to find. "Like This" was a minor pop hit with rapper Eve, but Kelly Rowland has not come close to the pop top 10 again. However, "When Love Takes Over" may change all of that.

The piano figure opening the song is likely to remind more than a few listeners of Coldplay. However, sunrise effects soon move in and we're off to club land. Kelly Rowland told Billboard that she was seduced by an early version of "When Love Takes Over" when she asked David Guetta to play one of his tracks for her at a techno music event in France in the summer of 2008. David Guetta says that this song is his experiment with a more American urban feel. True club-based tracks have been rare on the US pop charts in recent months. Pop radio programmers would be well advised to grab hold of this one.

There is more than a faint whiff of classic disco about the record. The accompanying video accentuates the feel of diva-centered disco. Kelly Rowland and her vocals are the total focus with glimpses of David Guetta to the side putting together all of the supporting elements for the song. Kelly Rowland demonstrates she has the vocal pipes to be a major star. Perhaps "When Love Takes Over" is just the push she needs.

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