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Top 10 Current Party Songs


This party songs list is an all-purpose selection of the best new and current music to get any party crowd moving and in a great mood for fun. What makes a great party song? Sexy, danceable, and fun to sing with friends are 3 key elements. For more great music, check out the list of the Top 100 Party Songs of all time.

1. Cash Cash - "Take Me Home" featuring Bebe Rexha

Cash Cash - Take Me Home featuring Bebe Rexha
Courtesy Big Beat Records

New Jersey based electronic dance music duo Cash Cash have had significant success remixing songs by other artist.  Now they have their first major breakthrough hit with "Take Me Home."  The lead vocal is sung by Bebe Rexha, best known for helping write Eminem's #1 pop smash "The Monster."  This song is huge sounding singalong party track.

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2. The Chainsmokers - "#Selfie"

The Chainsmokers - #Selfie
Courtesy Dim Mak

The Chainsmokers are a New York based DJ and production duo.  Their breakthrough hit welds dance beats to a humorous spoken word track containing the refrain, "Let me take a selfie."  The song has made its way into mainstream pop radio playlists and is a perfect novelty track for today's party crowd.

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3. DJ Snake and Lil Jon - "Turn Down For What"

DJ Snake - Turn Down For What featuring Lil Jon
Courtesy Columbia

DJ Snake pulls trap into the mainstream, and, along with it, brings back Lil Jon's aggressive vocals.  The French DJ brings masterful stylistic touches to the song that will have everyone in the room head bobbing along to the intense beats.


4. Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

Pharrell Williams - Happy
Courtesy Back Lot

It is a bit of pop-soul fluff, but everyone loves Pharrell Williams' #1 smash pop hit.  It introduces us to his new album G I R L which should also be mined for great party music.  Play this one loud and everyone will quickly be dancing and singing along.

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5. Betty Who - "Somebody Loves You"

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You
Courtesy RCA

Betty Who is a 22 year old Australian singer-songwriter who is one of the top new artists to watch in 2014.  She is an alumni of the Interlochen School For the Arts in the US and signed a major label contract with RCA late last year.  "Somebody Loves You" is an upbeat, feel good dance track.

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6. Beyonce - "Blow"

Beyonce - Beyonce
Courtesy Columbia

Digging a bit deeper into her self-titled #1 smash album, you will find this Beyonce track which immediately brings to mind smooth 80s soul music with naughty and romantic lyrics perfect for a midtempo dance.  Pharrell Williams and Timbaland both collaborated on the track.

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7. Audio Playground - "Hands Up In the Air"

Audio Playground - Hands Up In the Air
Courtesy Red Ink

Audio Playground are a Canadian dance-pop act that have reached the top 10 on the dance chart in the US twice already.  Their newest single is a celebratory party anthem that will have everyone feeling good as they put their, "Hands Up In the Air."

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8. Demi Lovato - "Neon Lights"

Demi Lovato - Neon Lights
Courtesy Hollywood

Some eyebrows were raised when Demi Lovato headed straight for the heart of electronic dance music with this track.  However, it has become one of the most enduring favorites from her Demi album.  This one is perfect for fans of dance-pop by groups like Krewella.

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9. Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" featuring 2 Chainz

Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty"
Courtesy Warner Bros.

Jason Derulo has resuscitated his career with this winking, mildly naughy kinetic dance track.  The mix of sampled and newly recorded horns is irresistible.  This big, swaggering production was guaranteed to be a massive pop hit.

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10. Clean Bandit - "Rather Be"

Clean Bandit - "Rather Be"
Courtesy Atlantic

The UK's Clean Bandit are known for their combination of classical music sounds with contemporary electronic dance music.  "Rather Be" was a #1 pop smash in the UK earlier this year.  The mix of strings, jazzy sway, and a soulful vocal makes the song a perfect addition to contemporary party soundtracks.

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