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Top 100 Pop Songs of 2001


R&B with an old soul topped the year's best songs, but there was a healthy dose of upbeat party music vying for top spots as well. This is your introduction to the best in pop music in 2001.

100. Fuel - "Bad Day"

Courtesy Epic

The ballad "Bad Day" was the final single from the double platinum album Something Like Human from the rock band Fuel. It has the distinction of being a top 20 mainstream and alternative rock hit while also hitting the top 10 of the adult contemporary chart.

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99. 98 Degrees - "My Everything"

98 Degrees - Revelation
Courtesy Motown

"My Everything" was the seventh and last top 20 pop hit for the boy band 98 Degrees before they went on extended hiatus. The song is a swaying pop ballad.

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98. Ginuwine - "Differences"

Ginuwine - Life
Courtesy Epic

The romantic R&B ballad "Differences" went clear to #4 on the pop singles chart. That makes it the highest charting hit for Ginuwine. The song is reminiscent of hits by R. Kelly in style.

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97. Christina Milian - "AM To PM"

Christina Milian - "AM to PM"
Courtesy Def Soul

With songwriting and studio success under her belt, Christina Milian emerged as a solo artist with this single. It landed in the R&B top 10 and the pop top 40 fitting closely beside contemporary hits by Destiny's Child.

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96. The Wiseguys - "Start the Commotion"

Wise Guys - "Start the Commotion"
Courtesy Label Mammoth

It was originally released in 1999, but when "Start the Commotion" by electronica duo The Wiseguys appeared in a Mitsubishi TV commercial, it was propelled into the pop top 40. The song features multiple samples. Unfortunately the Wiseguys disbanded later in 2001.

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95. Backstreet Boys - "Drowning"

Backstreet Boys - "Drowning"
Courtesy Jive

"Drowning" was originally planned for the Backstreet Boys Black & Blue album, but was held back. It then was released as a single and included on the compilation album The Hits: Chapter One. "Drowning" was the group's last single before going on a three year hiatus.

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94. Faith Hill - "The Way You Love Me"

Faith Hill - "The Way You Love Me"
Courtesy Warner Nashville

With its midtempo pop feel, this is one of the singles that cemented Faith Hill's status as a crossover artist. It followed "Breathe" into the top 10 becoming the second major pop hit from the #1 album Breathe.

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93. A*Teens - "Bouncing Off the Ceiling"

A*Teens - Teen Spirit
Courtesy Universal

"Bouncing Off the Ceiling" was the first original song released as a single by Swedish pop act A*Teens. It became the group's only top 10 hit in the UK with the bouncy ABBA-influenced sound. In the US it failed to rise beyond #93.

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92. Willa Ford - "I Wanna Be Bad"

Willa Ford - "I Wanna Be Bad"
Courtesy Lava

Willa Ford concocted a self-conscious "bad girl" image, and this became her theme song. The sound is in the vein of the period's most successful teen pop. "I Wanna Be Bad" peaked at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Willa Ford's most successful release.

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91. Dream - "He Loves U Not"

Dream - "He Loves U Not"
Courtesy Bad Boy Entertainment

The girl group Dream signed to Diddy's Bad Boy label. This was their first single. The song went to #2 on the pop singles chart. However a follow up barely made the top 40 and, despite the group's debut album hitting the top 10, the second album was never released until it showed up on iTunes in 2008.

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