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Top 100 Pop Songs 2000


The best pop songs of 2000 include a wide variety of music from teen pop to hip hop and dance music. This list is a great conversation starter in beginning discussions of the best music at the turn of the millenium.

100. Savage Garden - "I Knew I Loved You"

© Columbia

This was the second #1 hit single by Australian pop duo Savage Garden. The romantic ballad topped the US charts in January 2000 and became one of the most played songs of the year on pop radio.

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99. Creed - "Higher"

Creed - "Higher"
Courtesy Wind-Up

"Higher" was the rock band Creed's first top 10 pop single. It was the first single released from the album Human Clay. Group leader Scott Stapp wrote the song about the power of lucid dreaming, a technique in which the dreamer may actively manipulate their dreams.

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98. Pink - "There You Go"

Pink - "There You Go"
Courtesy LaFace

This song marked the debut of Pink, one of the top pop artists of the decade.

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97. Brian McKnight - "Back at One"

Brian McKnight - "Back at One"
Courtesy Motown

R&B singer Brian McKnight was at his peak with this #1 title single from his three million selling album Back at One.

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96. Madonna - "American Pie"

Madonna - "American Pie"
Courtesy Maverick

Madonna covered Don McLean's classic in pop-dance fashion for the soundtrack to her film The Next Best Thing. It was a worldwide hit even though mixed opinions were inevitable. Don McLean himself proclaimed Madonna's cover "mystical and sensual."

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95. Sisqo - "Incomplete"

Sisqo - "Incomplete"
Courtesy Def Soul

In 1999 Sisqo left the R&B group Dru Hill for a solo career. His first big hit was "The Thong Song." This song was the follow up and was even more successful on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #1.

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94. *NSYNC - "It's Gonna Be Me"

*NSYNC - "It's Gonna Be Me"
Courtesy Jive Records

In the year 2000 boy band *NSYNC set a record for the most copies sold of a single album in one year with over nine million copies of No Strings Attached sold. This was the second single from the collection and became *NSYNC's only #1 pop single.

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93. Nine Days - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"

Nine Days - "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"
Courtesy Sony

Power pop band Nine Days made a big chart splash with this hit single from their major label debut The Madding Crowd. The song was influenced by the classic Thomas Hardy novel Far From the Madding Crowd.

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92. Christina Aguilera - "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"

Christina Aguilera - "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"
Courtesy RCA

Christina Aguilera scored a third #1 pop single from her self-titled debut with this song. She performed the song at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

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91. LeAnn Rimes - "I Need You"

LeAnn Rimes - "I Need You"
Courtesy Curb

"I Need You" is the title single from an album cobbled together primarily to fulfill contract obligations so it includes outtakes and B-sides. The song itself was a major country crossover smash reaching the top 10 on the country chart and #11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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