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Pop Music Lists

These are lists of the best, and occasionaly the worst in top 40 pop music. Top 10s, top 100s, and more about pop music.
  1. Love Songs (8)
  2. Songs for Special Occasions (39)
  3. Songs For Fun (26)
  4. Summer Songs (15)
  5. Songs and Videos by Top Artists (73)
  6. Holiday Music (19)
  7. Pop Hits Of the 2000s (14)
  8. Pop Hits Of the 90's (11)
  9. Pop Songs and Music Of 2013 (8)
  10. Pop Songs and Music Of 2012 (6)
  11. Pop Songs and Music of 2011 (10)
  12. Pop Songs and Music of 2010 (12)
  13. Pop Songs and Music of 2009 (5)
  14. Pop Songs and Music of 2008 (5)
  15. Pop Songs and Music of 2007 (7)
  16. Pop Songs and Music of 2006 (8)
  17. Pop Songs and Music of 2005 (7)
  18. Guilty Pleasures (30)

Top 100 Essential Pop Songs Of All Time
This is the place to begin your collection of the best in pop music. The selection here is subjective, but all of these songs are deserved classics. Read on to explore the best pop music of all time.

Top 40 Essential Current Pop Songs
These are the 40 current songs that the world is hearing. They are the current definition of pop music.

Top 10 Essential Pop Music Videos
Your guide to the best of current pop music videos by top artists and directors.

Top 40 Pop Artists of All Time
Any serious pop music collection begins here. These are the 40 most essential pop music artists to know. The list is based on commercial success as well as quality and timelessness of the artist's music. Suggested tracks are included to get you started. These performers are the bedrock of popular music.

Top 10 Pop Singer-Songwriters
Singer-songwriters are a key part of popular music. This list of the top 10 pop singer-songwriters narrows the definition to those who are specifically noted for performance of their own songs both on record and live. The top 10 range across decades of pop music.

Top 50 Sexy Pop Songs

The 50 best sexy pop songs.

Pop Music People Who Died in the 2000s
As time marches on we lose key pop musicians, producers, songwriters and other industry personnel. Each year there are people who leave behind fans and admirers. This is a listing of some of those who left us far too soon in the 2000s giving us another opportunity to remember and say goodbye.

Pop Music Addresses America
Pop songs turn a critical eye to US governance and culture.

Top 10 Pop Songs About War
War songs, particularly anti-war songs, are an integral part of pop music history. This is a collection of 10 of the best and most influential. Not all pop songs about war have been against war as this list indicates.

10 Examples Of Swear Words and Foul Language In Music
Many observers decry what is deemed the widespread use of bad words in today's pop songs. However, that controversy has been simmering for decades. This list illustrates 10 particular examples of songs that have used so-called bad words in a memorable fashion. Looking back at what words have raised public ire and controversy provides a...

Top 10 Irish Pop Groups
The 10 best Irish pop groups. They range from the punk and new wave of the Pogues and Boomtown Rats to boy bands Boyzone and Westlife and the worldwide success of U2.

It Gets Better Project Videos By Pop Musicians
The It Gets Better Project site says it best: "Many LGBT youth can't picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They can't imagine a future for themselves. So let's show them what our lives are like, let's show them what the future may hold in store for them." These are selected from messages from top pop musicians.

Top 10 Latin Pop Songs
Latin music is an indispensable part of contemporary pop. These are 10 of the biggest Latin hits and trailblazers.

7 Top Trends In Pop Music
Pop music is always trendy, but those trends can change in the blink of an eye. These are 7 of the current hottest pop music trends.

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