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Top 10 New Pop Songs March 15, 2011


One of the top reigning teen pop princesses leads off this week's top new pop songs.

1. Selena Gomez and the Scene - "Who Says"

Selena Gomez and the Scene - "Who Says"
Courtesy Hollywood Records

Teen pop star Selena Gomez kicks off promotion of her upcoming third album with this bubbly self-esteem anthem. It pulls back from the aggressive dance floor approach of previous hits to midtempo pop aiming at a broad audience.


2. Christina Perri - "Arms"

Christina Perri - "Arms"
Courtesy Atlantic

Christina Perri follows her massive debut single "Jar Of Hearts" with another beautiful ballad. There should be a strong audience out there waiting for another dose of Christina Perri's distinctive voice this time wrapped around a more upbeat point of view. The album Lovestrong is due in stores May 10, 2011.

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3. Oh Land - "Break the Chain"

Oh Land - Oh Land
Courtesy Epic

Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, is one of the brightest new international pop stars. Listen here to her weave an irresistible melody from her self-titled debut album that hit stores this week.

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4. Teddybears - "Cardiac Arrest" featuring Robyn

Teddy Bears featuring Robyn - "Cardiac Arrest"
Courtesy Big Beat

The Swedish pop onslaught continues as the Teddybears join fellow Swedish electronic pop artist Robyn in a catchy, upbeat little ditty. The Teddybears are a due to release a new album titled Devil's Music this summer.


5. Rise Against - "A Gentleman's Coup"

Rise Against - Endgame
Courtesy Geffen

Embrace the speed-infused crunch of punk veterans Rise Against. This song from the band's new album Endgame is filled with an energetic call to arms.


6. Gorillaz - "Revolving Doors"

Gorillaz - "Revolving Doors / Amarillo"
Courtesy Virgin

Cartoon band Gorillaz are set to release a physical copy of their previous download only album The Fall in April. This wistful song is gorgeous and propelled by just a touch of funk.


7. Bell X1 - "Velcro"

Bell X1 - "Velcro"
Courtesy Yep Roc

Following two consecutive #1 albums at home in Ireland, rockers Bell X1 are aiming for American success. This song will inspire echoes of the The Killers and Talking Heads. The upcoming album will be titled Bloodless Coup.

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8. Miranda Cosgrove - "High Maintenance"

Miranda Cosgrove - High Maintenance
Courtesy Columbia Records

17 year old teen pop star Miranda Cosgrove trades vocals here with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo on the title song from her new EP. His presence on vocals helps move her sound in a slightly more adult direction.


9. Hollywood Undead - "Been To Hell"

Hollywood Undead - "Been To Hell"
Courtesy A&M / Octone

Rockers Hollywood Undead originally released this song earlier this year as a free download. Now it is the band's current single. They blend heavy rock and hip hop in a song about what happens to those who seek fame in Hollywood and fail.

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10. Aiden - "Walk Among the Dead"

Aiden - "Walk Among the Dead"
Courtesy Victory Records

Horror movie dialogue and a bellowing scream kick off the latest single from heavy rockers Aiden. If you venture any further, the single is ultra-catchy with a shouted anthemic chorus. The album Disguises is due in stores March 29, 2011.


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