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Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2007


Following current trends in pop music, this list includes British artists poised to cross the Atlantic, young female singers with a Latin edge, and rockers with emo influence. However, everyone here made this list first and foremost based on their exceptional talent. Look for these artists to have a good chance of making it big in the US in 2007.

1. The Feeling

The Feeling - Four Stops and Home

If you are one of the millions of music fans who still mourn the passing of the golden era of pop-rock in the mid-to-late 1970's, this is THE band for you. Remember those tightly constructed pop tunes by the likes of Supertramp and 10CC? The Feeling certainly do. They are already big at home in the UK and are looking to cross the Atlantic in 2007. Some of us will be waiting to greet them with open arms.

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2. Amy Winehouse

If she makes it to the top, British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse has had a long convoluted path to get there. Her debut album Frank was one of the most critically lauded albums of 2003 in the UK. Bouts with alcohol and eating disorders delayed her second album until late 2006. Back to Black debuted at #3 on the UK album chart helped along by the top 10 pop hit single "Rehab." American audiences will hear from Amy Winehouse soon.

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3. Gia Farrell

17-year-old Gia Farrell is waiting in line to be handed JoJo's crown as ruler of the late-teen female pop star mountain. Just try to not get caught up in "Hit Me Up," Gia's song from the Happy Feet soundtrack. Atlantic Records promises an album in early 2007.

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4. Kill Hannah

Endless touring and the dedication of band leader Mat Devine is about to pay off handsomely for Chicago-based rockers Kill Hannah. The band is equally appealing to young, post-hardcore fans, and children of the 80's looking for a second coming of the Cure.

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5. Megan McCauley

If you are a fan or you know someone who is a fan of the hit TV series Veronica Mars, you've probably heard Megan McCauley. Her irresistibly poppy first single "Tap That" is featured in Veronica Mars promos. A full-length album is promised in 2007.


6. Paolo Nutini

If there is anyone likely to be 2007's James Blunt, it is Scottish teenager Paolo Nutini. Unlike many young pop stars, Paolo did not expect to grow up to be a singer. However, encouragement from influential adults in his life has helped Paolo make the music world a richer place. Everyone (that's 100%!) who voted on this site's Paolo Nutini Snap Judgment feature liked what they heard.

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7. Corbin Bleu

You know that kid with the big, ultra curly, brown hair that's in High School Musical and Hannah Montana? Yep, that's Corbin Bleu. At 17, he's a born entertainer. Look for the debut album in April, 2007.

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8. Aqualung

Matt Hales, the primary force behind Aqualung, creates almost impossibly beautiful music. A new album Memory Man is due in early 2007 and will be marketed intensely in the US. While we're waiting for the new music, enjoy the video for "Brighter Than Sunshine."

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9. Angela Via

Anglea Via is proof that there are more talented singer-songwriters waiting in the wings in the mode of Paula DeAnda. Angela writes and sings songs in both English and Spanish. It looked like she was headed to the top a few years back when her recording contract was terminated by Atlantic Records. Now she is back on Virgin Records with the album Ready to Fly due in early 2007.


10. Stephen Marley

There is no denying a tremendous pedigree. Stephen Marley is the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, and he is a well-known figure in some segments of the music industry. Stephen Marley produced his brother Damian's 3 solo albums including the landmark Welcome to Jamrock. He has also been a guest artist on Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun. At last Stephen Marley is stepping forward with a full-length solo debut album. Look for Mind Control in March, 2007. The track "Traffic Jam" has an enthralling rootsy feel and features brother Damian.

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