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Top 10 Halloween Songs - Best Tracks for Your Party Soundtrack

The Best


Every Halloween party needs great music.Spooky songs and songs that talk about the delightful creepiness of the occasion all help make your Halloween memorable. Check out the best choices to start your playlist below.

1. Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "The Monster Mash" (1962)

Bobby Boris Pickett - "The Monster Mash"

"Monster Mash" is THE Halloween song for those who grew up in the early rock 'n roll era.  It reached #1 on the Billboard pop singles chart when initially released and went back to the top 10 in 1973.

Read more on "Monster Mash."

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2. Michael Jackson - "Thriller" (1982)

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Courtesy Epic Records

The Vincent Price laugh still packs a wallop. "Thriller" is the title song from the bestselling album of all time.  Michael Jackson's accompanying video is still well worth watching.  Be ready to jump at the surprise ending to the story.

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3. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - "Nightmare On My Street" (1988)

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - "Nightmare On My Street"
Courtesy Jive Records

This song was so successful that the producers of the film Nightmare On Elm Street sued for copyright infringement. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, will add good humor to any Halloween gathering.


4. Mike Oldfield - "Tubular Bells Pt. 1" (Theme From 'The Exorcist') (1973)

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Courtesy Virgin

Can you say creepy? The producers of The Exorcist knew what they were doing when they chose this song for a theme. The album Tubular Bells was released as the first album on the Virgin Records label and gained an impressive commercial foothold for the new entry into the music industry.


5. 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Soundtrack - "The Time Warp" (1975)

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Courtesy 20th Century Fox

This signature song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a perfect party song.  It not only makes you want to dance, the song provides the instructions.  Many TV watchers will remember the use of "The Time Warp" on The Drew Carey Show and Glee's tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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6. Ray Parker, Jr. - "Ghostbusters" (1984)

Ray Parker, Jr. - "Ghostbusters"
Courtesy Arista

This is the theme song from the phenomenally successful movie Ghostbusters. Ray Parker, Jr. wrote the song like an advertising jingle for a ghostbusting business. This #1 pop hit is certain to get everyone shouting along, "Ghostbusters!" Suitable for all ages, the song "Ghostbusters" isn't scary. It is simply pure fun.

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7. Donovan - "Season Of the Witch" (1966)

Donovan - Sunshine Superman
Courtesy Epic

This 1960s pop classic by Donovan has been used widely in movies and TV. It is most frequently used either to illustrate the sometimes violent unrest of the late 1960s or as an accompaniment to the topics of horror and witchcraft. Most recently the song was used on the sountrack to Tim Burton's feature film version of the TV show Dark Shadows.

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8. Ramones - "Pet Sematary" (1989)

The Ramones Pet Sematary
Courtesy Sire

Punk legends the Ramones recorded "Pet Sematary" for the movie of the same name based on a novel by Stephen King.  It was also included on the Ramones album Brain Drain.  Many fans consider the movie to be one of the scariest of all time.

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9. Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me" (1984)

Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me"
Courtesy Motown

There is a feeling of paranoia in this debut hit from Rockwell that has been unmatched by other major pop hits. Rockwell is the son of Motown Records executive Berry Gordy, Jr. "Somebody's Watching Me" includes backup vocals from Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. The song went to #2 on the pop singles chart in the US and was certified gold.

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10. Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" (1977)

Talking Heads Psycho Killer
Courtesy Sire

David Byrne of the Talking Heads has said he wrote this song because the bad guys are always more fascinating than the good guys.  Included on the group's debut album Talking Heads: 77, "Psycho Killer" was the band's first single to make its way on to the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #92.

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