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Top 10 Pop Songs for Spring


Spring is a great season to celebrate rebirth and new life. Pop music is the perfect accompaniment. This is an admittedly idiosyncratic list of spring favorites as few pop songs speak about spring directly. These are the songs that bring to mind for me the hope, joy, beauty, and carefree spirit of springtime.

1. Lovin' Spoonful - "Daydream" (1966)

Courtesy Kama Sutra

The simple joys of being in love on a spring day are the subject matter of this irresistible pop classic.

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2. Simon and Garfunkel - "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" (1966)

Simon & Garfunkel - Parsely, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
Courtesy Columbia

Perfect spring bliss that clocks in at under 2 minutes in its original version.

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3. Hugh Masakela - "Grazing in the Grass" (1968)

Hugh Masakela
Courtesy Universal

It's purely instrumental, but the horns and jazzy soulful vibe of this classic evoke visions of sunshine, green grass, and a beautiful world.

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4. U2 - "Beautiful Day" (2000)

U2 - "Beautiful Day"
Courtesy Island Records

U2's anthem to recognizing the beauty in the world around you is a perfect accompaniment to the new life and new spirit of spring.

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5. Andy Grammer - "Keep Your Head Up" (2011)

Andy Grammer - "Keep Your Head Up"
Courtesy S-Curve

Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer delivers a song about persevering through the tough times. It is filled with sunny thoughts to bring us out of the doldrums of winter. This single brought him to the top 5 on the adult pop chart.

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6. Cat Stevens - "Morning Has Broken" (1972)

Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat
Courtesy A&M Records

"Morning Has Broken" is one of the few overtly religious songs to make the pop top 10. Cat Stevens' version remains a spiritually affirming pop classic.

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7. Dario G - "Sunchyme" (1998)

Dario G - "Sunchyme"
Courtesy Reprise Records

Dario G's mostly instrumental ode to sunrise did not reach the pop singles chart, but it was a top 10 dance hit. This song includes a perfect use of a sample incorporating portions of Dream Academy's classic "Life in a Northern Town."

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8. Patti LaBelle - "New Attitude" (1985)

Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack
Courtesy MCA

Spring is a time to make changes in life and head in new directions. Patti LaBelle's mid-80's hit "New Attitude" is the perfect theme song for these personal adjustments.

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9. Smash Mouth - "All Star" (1999)

Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge
Courtesy Interscope

Self-affirmation is fundamentally important for getting in the mood and mindset for spring and few recent hit songs are better for boosting self-esteem than this Smash Mouth hit.

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10. Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours" (2008)

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Courtesy Atlantic Records

Jason Mraz had a major pop singles chart breakthrough with this instant feel good classic.

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