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Top 10 Graduation Songs - 2011

The Best Songs for Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies and Parties


Graduation is a point of major transition in life. Sometimes the music associated with these times of life will be what we remember for many years to come. Here are 10 outstanding song choices for 2011.

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1. My Chemical Romance - "Sing"

My Chemical Romance
Courtesy Reprise Records

This song is an anthemic call to raising your voice and being heard even when you face opposition. My Chemical Romance have created a great new song for helping celebrate a point in life in which self-identity is of utmost importance.

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2. Katy Perry - "Firework"

Katy Perry - "Firework"
Courtesy Capitol Records

Katy Perry's #1 smash hit single is a clear call for positive self-esteem. It is a perfect upbeat song for graduation parties and ceremonies.

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3. The Weepies - "Can't Go Back Now"

The Weepies - Hideaway
Courtesy Nettwerk

This song by the Weepies was featured in the film Adam. The underlying tone of the words is that moving forward can be scary due to the possibility of being alone. However, the song provides encouragement for the importance of taking those steps.

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4. Boston - "Don't Look Back"

Boston - "Don't Look Back"
Courtesy Epic

Boston's rousing pop-rock anthem from the 1970s is still a powerful song for helping celebrate the "new day breakin'" that is represented by graduation.

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5. Eminem - "Not Afraid"

Eminem - "Not Afraid"
Courtesy Interscope

There is rugged language in spots in this anthem from rapper Eminem. However, the center of the song is a rousing call to set aside fear and join together in forging a positive future.

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6. Florence and the Machine - "Dog Days Are Over"

Florence and the Machine - Lungs
Courtesy Island Records

For those who have seen high school as something to be endured as much as enjoyed, this stirring hit from Florence and the Machine will provide an outstanding soundtrack for leaving high school behind and facing a brighter future.

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7. The Beach Boys - "Graduation Day"

Beach Boys - Beach Boys Today
Courtesy Capitol

This Beach Boys song is somewhat rare. It was originally recorded by the Four Feshmen. However, it is well worth hearing and adding to the mix of songs played at the time of graduation.


8. Van Halen - "Right Now"

Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Courtesy Warner Bros.

Van Halen's classic 1990s hit is a call to grasp the moment and make progress toward your goals whatever they may be. The messages in the song and the accompanying video are just as relevant today as they were nearly 20 years ago.

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9. Matisyahu - "One Day"

Matisyahu - "One Day"
Courtesy Epic Records

Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu looks toward a special day when negativity and violence will come to an end. It is a message well worth hearing on any special day of life celebration.

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10. KT Tunstall - "Suddenly I See"

KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope
© Virgin Records

KT Tunstall wrote this song about a specific person she found inspirational. However, it easily conveys the general importance of mentors and role models in life. Graduation is a perfect time for this reminder.

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