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Top 10 Graduation Songs - 2013

The Best Songs for Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies and Parties


Graduation is a time for remembering the past and dreaming and planning for the future. Music provides a perfect accompaniment for these celebrations. These are 10 great songs to add to your soundtrack.

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1. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Can't Hold Us" featuring Ray Dalton

Courtesy Macklemore

Hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are one of the top breakout pop acts of 2013. Their second consecutive #1 hit "Can't Hold Us" is a rousing celebration of breaking down limits to what can be accomplished in life. Although the song was released as the third single from the album The Heist, it became a major hit following the duo's pop chart breakthrough with the album's fifth single "Thrift Shop."

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2. The Script - "Hall Of Fame" featuring will.i.am

The Script - "Hall Of Fame" featuring will.i.am
Courtesy Phonogenic

Irish band the Script struck a melancholy mood on their first several hit songs. However, "Hall Of Fame" is an upbeat, inspirational song. It speaks about following dreams and making a difference in the world. The result was the band's biggest international pop hit. "Hall Of Fame" hit #1 on the UK pop singles chart and hit the top 20 on both the rock songs and adult pop songs in the US.

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3. Pitbull - "Feel This Moment" featuring Christina Aguilera

Pitbull - "Feel This Moment" featuring Christina Aguilera
Courtesy RCA

"Feel This Moment" is a perfect song for expressing the joy of graduation and excitement about heading into the future. Pitbull hit the pop top 10 in the US earlier this year with the song. "Feel This Moment" would work well either in the graduation ceremony or a rousing dance song for parties after. It was Christina Aguilera's second consecutive visit to the top 10 as a featured artist.

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4. Beyonce - "I Was Here"

Beyonce - "I Was Here" music video
Courtesy Columbia Records

"I Was Here" appeared on Beyonce's album 4. It was written by Diane Warren and expresses the desire to be remembered for life accomplishments. The song was included on the Glee graduation album.

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5. Hadouken! - "Levitate"

Hadouken! - "Levitate"
Courtesy Surface Noise Recordings

"Levitate" is a rousing celebration of all humanity. Hadouken! are a British electronic dance music band formed in 2006. This song is their breakthrough pop and dance hit in the US.

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6. Little Mix - "Wings"

Little Mix - "Wings"
Courtesy Columbia Records

Girl group Little Mix became the first group to win X Factor UK in 2011. The song "Wings" was their second single released at home in the UK and reached #1 on the pop singles chart. It broke into the mainstream pop radio chart here in the US in 2013. The song speaks of maternal advice about spreading one's wings in life to reach for personal success.

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7. Christina Aguilera - "Soar"

Christina Aguilera - Stripped
Courtesy RCA

"Soar" is an inspirational song from Christina Aguilera's album Stripped. The album reached #2 on the album chart in the US when released in 2002. It has sold over four million copies.


8. Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen - "Good Time"

Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen - "Good Time"
Courtesy Universal Republic

"Good Time" is a crowd pleasing choice for graduation parties. The song helped prove that both Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen were not one hit wonders. "Good Time" landed in the pop top 10 in both the US and the UK as well as many other countries around the world. The song has sold more than two million digital copies in the US.

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9. Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'"

Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'"
Courtesy Columbia

The class of 2013 grew up with the hit TV show Glee. "Don't Stop Believin'" was featured in the show's pilot episode and has become a favorite inspirational pop hit. When first released in 1981 the song was a top 10 pop hit for rock band Journey.

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10. Dixie Chicks - "Wide Open Spaces"

Dixie Chicks - "Wide Open Spaces"
Courtesy Monument

One of the best loved hits from country trio the Dixie Chicks is an anthem for heading out on one's own in life. It was the title song from the group's major label debut album. The song "Wide Open Spaces" was a #1 country smash and just missed hitting the pop top 40 as well.

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