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Top 100 Best Party Songs Of All Time


10. Def Leppard - "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (1988)

Def Leppard - "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
Courtesy Mercury

Def Leppard admit that "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is a song about sex with enough veiling to make it safe for pop radio. The song was also influenced by the Archies classic "Sugar, Sugar" with its repeated lines of, "Pour a little sugar." This song went clear to #2 on the pop singles chart in the US with a heavier rock crunch than most mainstream pop. It has remained a signature song for Ef Leppard and one likely to generate sing along hysteria (Def Leppard reference intended) in nearly any environment where it is played.

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9. Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy" (1991)

Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy"
Courtesy Charisma

The Fairbrass brothers had a #1 hit in 28 different countries with this humorous classic. It is a tongue in cheek depiction of male models. The easy, sing along chorus will encourage party revelers to show just how sexy they are.

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8. Shakira - "Hips Don't Lie" featuring Wyclef Jean (2006)

Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean - Hips Don't Lie
Courtesy Epic

"Hips Don't Lie" is a reworking of Wyclef Jean's 2004 song "Dance Like This." Shakira wrote new material for the song and the result was the biggest pop hit of the year worldwide. The incorporation of salsa and cumbia elements adds to the world party feel of the track.

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7. The Kingsmen - "Louie Louie" (1963)

Kingsmen - The Best Of the Kingsmen
Courtesy The Kingsmen

The Kingsmen still insist that there is nothing lewd or obscene in the indecipherable sung lyrics to their recording of "Louie Louie," but the rumors of the existence certainly created a powerful party reputation for the record. Being featured in the smash hit party movie Animal House didn't hurt either. The obscenity rumors were so persistent they even spawned an FBI investigation. Even with the notoriety, "Louie Louie" is an all-time garage rock classic.

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6. Neil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline" (1969)

Neil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline"
Courtesy Geffen

The Boston Red Sox must be given a great deal of credit for turning this top 5 pop smash inspired by Caroline Kennedy into a party classic. It has been played at every Boston Red Sox home games since 2002 while spreading like wildfire to other sports events and weddings. The "hands touching hands" line induces goosebumps in plenty of listeners.

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5. B-52's - "Love Shack" (1989)

B'52's - "Love Shack"
Courtesy Warner Bros.

Just try and watch the music video for "Love Shack" and not wish you were at that party. "Love Shack" helped turn the B-52's from the self-described, "tacky little dance band from Athens, GA," into arguably the world's top party band. Reportedly, Kate Pierson of the band lived in the 1970s in the house that inspired the song. It did indeed have a tin roof and was the place the band conceived their first widespread hit "Rock Lobster."

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4. Mary J. Blige - "Family Affair" (2001)

Mary J. Blige - "Family Affair"
Courtesy MCA

"Family Affair" originated in a studio jam session led by Dr. Dre. Mary J. Blige heard the song and added lyrics and a melody line. The final result was produced by Dr. Dre. "Family Affair" helped bring the concept of crunk party music into the pop mainstream. The song spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

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3. AC/DC - "You Shook Me All Night Long" (1980)

AC/DC - "You Shook Me All Night Long"
Courtesy Atlantic

AC/DC broke the mold for rock party anthems here. An earth-shaking riff, Brian Johnson's tortured vocals in his first effort with the band, and plenty of implied sexual activity keep this a classic after 30 years.

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2. Pink - "Get the Party Started" (2001)

Pink - "Get the Party Started"
Courtesy LaFace

"Get the Party Started" emerged out of producer and singer-songwriter Linda Perry's experiments while learning to program a drum machine. The song turned into a smash hit, and it remains timeless as a song to, indeed, use to "get this party started."

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1. Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling" (2009)

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feelin'
Courtesy Interscope

The Black Eyed Peas hooked up with dance music producer David Guetta and out came one of the biggest pop hit singles of all time. "I Gotta Feeling" spent 14 weeks at #1. This is THE song to sing while getting ready for a great night out.

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