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Top 100 Pop Songs of the 2000s


60. Justin Timberlake - "Cry Me a River" (2003)

Justin Timberlake - "Cry Me a River"
Courtesy Jive Records

Bad relationships sometimes result in great pop music. Justin Timberlake put together "Cry Me a River" in response to the breakup of his relationship with Britney Spears and it is a classic.

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59. The Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes" (2006)

The Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes"
Courtesy Third Man

This was the first single from the Raconteurs, a band that included Jack White while he was on hiatus from White Stripes. Few songs in the decade are better at the rock end of the pop spectrum.

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58. Train - "Drops of Jupiter" (2001)

Train - Drops of Jupiter
Courtesy Columbia

The meaning of the enigmatic lyrics in "Drops of Jupiter" are still a cause for speculation among fans of the group Train. This was their breakthrough top 10 pop hit and won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

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57. Terror Squad - "Lean Back" (2004)

Terror Squad - Lean Back
Courtesy Universal

Simple, and some would say simplistic, dance songs were a mainstay of hip hop throughout the decade. This is the one to measure all others against.

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56. Eiffel 65 - "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" (2000)

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Courtesy Universal

The king of nonsensical pop songs of the decade is this thoroughly charming confection from Italian dance pop group Eiffel 65.

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55. Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop - "Lose Control" (2005)

Missy Elliott featuring Ciara - "Lose Control"
Courtesy Goldmind

Missy Elliott welds together an early techno sample from Juan Atkins' Cybotron, an a capella break from Ciara and Fat Man Scoop's raps in this brilliant piece. The video takes it all another step further.

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54. Kylie Minogue - "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" (2002)

Kylie Minogue - "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
Courtesy Capitol Records

There is no false advertising here. This song can be very very difficult to get out of your head. It became Kylie Minogues' first US top 10 hit in 13 years, and was very notable for a popular mash-up with New Order's classic "Blue Monday."

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53. Feist - "1,2,3,4" (2007)

Feist - "1234"
Courtesy Interscope

iPod TV commercials were the big breakthrough for Canadian indie pop singer Feist. It was a good thing, too, since "1,2,3,4" is one of the most charming pop singles of the decade. The video is one that will be well remembered for years to come.

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52. Estelle featuring Kanye West - "American Boy" (2008)

Estelle featuring Kanye West - American Boy
Courtesy Atlantic Records

The lyrics of "American Boy" detail a sweet imagining of cross-Atlantic romance. New York, L.A., Chicago, and Miami are all extolled as worthy destinations from shore to shore of the American continent. This song is perfection for a slick, summery glide across the dance floor.

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51. Finger Eleven - "Paralyzer" (2007)

Finger Eleven - "Paralyzer"
Courtesy Wind-Up

Although filled with surface attitude, the song's lyrics have an angst-ridden core that makes the song edgy and memorable. The draw of the club is irresistible for the protagonist even if romantically striking out and self-absorbed attitude make the experience painful. This is all set to an exhilarating crunch of rock guitars. "Paralyzer" was a major pop breakthrough for rockers Finger Eleven.

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