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Top 100 Best Love Songs Of All Time


Do you need a playlist for when you fall in love? The most common topic for pop songwriters is love. However, the perfect love song is probably the most difficult to write. The 100 presented here range across all types of relationships and feelings of love.   

100. Cure - Lovesong (1989)

The Cure - Lovesong
Courtesy Fiction Records

Robert Smith, leader of the pop new wave band the Cure, wrote this song as a wedding gift to his future wife. This has been the most successful song by the band reaching #2 on the US pop chart. "Lovesong" has been covered by a wide range of artists. The band 311 topped the alternative chart with their 2004 version from the soundtrack to the movie 50 First Dates.

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99. Steve Winwood - Higher Love (1986)

Steve Winwood - Higher Love
Courtesy Island

Steve Winwood's #1 pop hit single "Higher Love" works on one level as seeking a deeper connection between individuals but co-songwriter Will Jennings also sees it as a hymn to the higher love that can come from beyond human existence.

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98. Rihanna - What's My Name? featuring Drake (2010)

Rihanna - What's My Name featuring Drake
Courtesy Def Jam

In Rihanna's long list of major pop hits, "What's My Name?" stands out for its unabashedly romantic approach.  Rihanna had been wanting to record with Drake, and it proved a perfect match both on record and in the accompanying music video. The song became Rihanna's eighth #1 pop hit single in the US.

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97. Loggins and Messina - Danny's Song (1971)

Loggins and Messina - Sittin' In
Courtesy Columbia

Kenny Loggins wrote "Danny's Song" as a gift to his brother Danny on the birth of his son Colin.  The Loggins and Messina version of the song remains a radio favorite as well as Anne Murray's top 10 pop hit version of "Danny's Song."

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96. Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (1979)

Rupert Holmes - Partners In Crime
Courtesy MCA

Best known as a songwriter and stage composer, Rupert Holmes became an unlikely pop star with this clever tale of love and personal ads. The lighthearted look at a troubled relationship saved by the personals has drawn both praise and derision.  It went to #1 on the pop singles chart in both the US and Canada.

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95. Toto - Rosanna (1982)

Toto - Rosanna
Courtesy Columbia

Legend has it that this song was written in romantic appreciation for actress Rosanna Arquette. The hit came four years after Toto first reached the top 10 with their 1978 hit "Hold the Line."  It spent five weeks at #2 on the US pop chart. "Rosanna" won the Grammy Award for Record Of the Year and features a drum line that has come to be known as a "half time shufffle." 

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94. Amy Grant - Baby Baby (1991)

Amy Grant - Baby Baby
Courtesy A&M

Amy Grant's effervescent, ebullient expression of love became a #1 pop smash. The accompanying music video was so successful that many viewers believed that Amy Grant had a real life relationship with her video partner, model Jme Stein. The clip received an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Female Video.

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93. Anne Murray - You Needed Me (1978)

Anne Murray - Let's Keep It That Way
Courtesy Capitol

This powerful expression of romantic appreciation is Anne Murray's only #1 pop hit in the US. Songwriter Randy Goodrum says the topic of the song is, "unconditional, undeserved love." Anne Murray won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal with "You Needed Me."

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92. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (1998)

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Courtesy Warner Bros.

Goo Goo Dolls leader Johnny Rzeznik claims he broke a difficult period of writer's block by delivering this song. He was originally approached to write a song for the film soundtrack City Of Angels, and the result was "Iris." It spent a record-breaking 18 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Radio Airplay chart.

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91. Barbra Streisand - Love Theme From 'A Star Is Born' (Evergreen) (1976)

Barbra Streisand - A Star Is Born
Courtesy Columbia

Barbra Streisand took home both an Academy Award for Best Song from a Motion Picture and Grammy Award for Song of the Year for this record. "Evergreen" was co-written by Barbra Streisand and successful pop songwriter Paul Williams. The song spent three weeks at the top of the US pop singles chart.

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