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Songs For Fun

Lists of the top 10 pop songs for a variety of fun reasons and occasions.

Top 10 Happy Pop Songs
In 3 minutes a happy song could indeed turn your day around. These 10 happy songs are great options to make you smile. You may feel blue, but by the time you've listened to all of these, you just might find that grin creeping across your face.

Top 10 Sad Pop Songs
If you need someone to be sad along with you, or you need a good tearjerker as catharsis, sad pop songs have a treasured spot in pop music...

Top 10 Current Party Songs
Today's hottest party songs. Start your soundtrack for fun here.

Top 10 Clean Party Songs for Kids
If you want to throw a kids party and need some help with current music that will make them smile, this is your list.

Top 10 Pop Music Divas

10 female pop artists who deserve the title diva.  Some of the best female pop artists of all time.

Top 10 Boy Bands Of All Time

 These are the best American and British boy bands of all time.

Top 10 Asian Boy Bands Of All Time

 Boy bands are a key part of today's Asian pop and are numerous enough to deserve their own separate coverage.  This is a guide to the 10 best.

Top 10 Teen Pop Artists Of All Time

The top teen artists based on pop singles chart performance. These are the 10 most successful teens from the 1950's to the present.

Top 10 Disney Teen Pop Songs

The best in Disney's brand of pure teen pop.  It is a sound that gained strong popularity in the early 2000's.

Top 10 Academy Award Winning Songs

 Since 1934 the Academy Awards have celebrated the best movie songs. Some are more memorable than others. These are the 10 best of the Oscar winners.

Top 10 Auto-Tune Songs

 The use of auto tune technology is controversial in pop music. Many claim that is over-used to give singers perfect pitch who otherwise do not possess the skill. However, producers also use auto tune to create a specific, obvious sound as part of their artistic creation. These are 10 of the best examples of creative use of auto tune effects...

Bad Words In Pop Music

 Notorious examples of the use of dirty words in pop music.

Top 10 Jock Anthems

 Jock anthems or jock jams, music that makes you want to move is a major part of a sports event. These are 10 of the best.

Top 10 Novelty Songs Of All Time
A listing of the top 10 best novelty pop hits of all time, those songs with a gimmick.

Top 10 Friendship Songs
Friendship songs are some of the most touching in pop music. This is a list of 10 of the best and most memorable.

Top 10 Driving Songs
The best driving songs range far and wide. These songs are not necessarily about driving, but they just sound great while in your car.

Top 10 Live Hit Songs
A list of the top pop hit songs recorded live.

Top 10 Singalong Pop Hits Of All Time
Part of what makes pop music memorable is the ability to sing along with your favorite hit songs. This list narrows the field down to 10 of the absolute favorites for singing along of all time.

Top 10 Albums of Pop Standards
These albums feature some of the best-loved songs of the 20th century performed with reverence for traditional pop music.

Tabloid Pop Top 10

 As with any area of popular entertainment, tabloid scandals can have a significant impact on pop music careers. These are 10 songs permanently linked to coverage in the tabloid press.

Top 10 Reggae Pop Hits
The top reggae pop hits of all time.

Top 10 Pool Party Songs
The top songs to play at your midsummer pool party.

Top 10 Pop Artists for the Terminally Uncool
The top 10 artists to load into your iPod if you want to not look cool. The music may be good, but the reputation is not.

Top 10 Pop Artists for the Indisputably Hip
The top 10 artists to load into your iPod if you want to look hip. The music of these artists is guaranteed to boost your street cred. The list includes U2, Norah Jones, Outkast, White Stripes, and many more.

Top 10 Sample Happy Pop Songs

 Building a new hit single on the hook from a past hit is nothing new. "Ice Ice Baby" from Vanilla Ice anyone? This list celebrates 10 recent examples of the art form. If that hook sounds really familiar it probably is.

Top 5 Chicken Noodle Soup Dance Videos
These are 5 of the top videos of the Chicken Noodle Soup dance that originated in Harlem. The dance has spread quickly via exposure on YouTube, but it has also generated controversy.

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