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Top 10 Clean Party Songs for Kids

Safe Pop


Great party music is not always great for kids. However, kids love to dance to pop music, too. This is your guide to 10 current hits that are safe for children.

More Pop Music for Kids:

1. American Authors - "Best Day Of My Life"

American Authors - Best Day Of My Life
Courtesy Mercury

American Authors' breakthrough hit is simultaneously a tribute to great friends and simple upbeat spirits.  In terms of sound, think a poppier side to Imagine Dragons.  Everyone is likely to be singing along to this effervescent hit from the beginning.  "Best Day Of My Life" has been a radio hit from adult contemporary to alternative.

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2. Austin Mahone - "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull

Austin Mahone - "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull
Courtesy Cash Money

Teen star Austin Mahone is just getting better and better.  This time he connects with superstar Pitbull on an irresistible party track.  "Mmm Yeah" is guaranteed to get the party moving and will likely make everyone smile. Don't miss the cleverly kinetic music video accompanying the song.

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3. Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

Pharrell Williams - Happy
Courtesy Back Lot

This massive #1 pop hit is inescapable, and the up side to that is everyone will know it.  The irresistible groove is eminently danceable. Everyone will be clapping along.  "Happy" has become Pharrell Williams' first #1 pop solo hit, and he is the hottest pop artist around.

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4. Little Mix - "Move"

Little Mix - Salute
Courtesy Columbia

Girl group Little Mix were the first group to win on X Factor UK.  They are likely to appeal to parents as well as kids with their classic soul inspired vocals.  "Move" is irresistibly energetic and catchy. It's all about feverish attraction that is pure clean fun.  The song has found its way on to mainstream top 40 radio stations.

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5. Martin Garrix - "Animals"

Martin Garrix - Animals
Courtesy Republic

Teen Dutch DJ Martin Garrix has become a worldwide pop star with this song.  It is an instrumental track that manages to bring back echoes of classic Giorgio Moroder disco in a completely contemporary dance music context.  "Animals" will be a favorite for any party.

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6. The Vamps - "Wild Heart"

The Vamps - Wild Heart
Courtesy Island

The Vamps are hot, new British pop hearththrobs.  "Wild Heart" uses a folk-rock vibe welded to uptempo pop.  This song has been the group's second consecutive top 3 pop hit at home in the UK.  They are just beginning to break through with young pop fans in the US.

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7. Naughty Boy - "La La La" featuring Sam Smith

Naughty Boy - La La La featuring Sam Smith
Courtesy Capitol Records

Despite the name, there is nothing "Naughty" about this catchy hit. Lyrically, it is a song about a failing relationship.  However, it is the "La La La" refrain that will gain all the attention as well as the child-like tape loop. The production here is elegant enough that listeners of any age will be entranced.  "La La La" was a massive #1 hit last summer in the UK and is quickly climbing charts here in the US this spring.

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8. Audio Playground - "Hands Up In the Air"

Audio Playground - Hands Up In the Air
Courtesy Red Ink

Audio Playground are a Canadian dance pop act.  "Hands Up In the Air" is their first #1 dance hit after four consecutive top 15 hits.  


9. MKTO - "Classic"

Courtesy Columbia

A small warning accompanies this song.  Some parents may be slightly disturbed by the chorus including, "Let's get it on like Marvin Gaye." However, the whole record is sunny, upbeat pop without anything approaching explicit insinuation.  MKTO are Nickelodeon TV veterans.

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10. Tiesto - "Red Lights"

Tiesto - Red Lights
Courtesy Casablanca

Dance music veteran Tiesto is breaking into the mainstream pop charts with this wistful dance track.  The lyrics spell out the desire to escape everyday life with someone special.  "Red Lights" brings all the audio excitement of club music without any lyrics likely to offend.

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