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X Factor USA Season 2 - Live Shows Recap November 7, 2012

The Top Five


This is the third round of live shows performances. It was Diva night and unfortunately many of the performances were less than outstanding. Below are the five that stood out the most on the night.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar - "My Heart Will Go On"

Carly Rose Sonenclar - "My Heart Will Go On"
Courtesy Fox Television

The professional experience of Carly Rose Sonenclar on Broadway and in TV and movies is starting to show. Her performance of the Titanic love song "My Heart Will Go On" oozed professionalism. As L.A. Reid aptly pointed out, Carly Rose Sonenclar must be considered a favorite for the X Factor title.

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2. Fifth Harmony - "Hero"

Fifth Harmony - "Hero"
Courtesy Fox Television

Taking on a Mariah Carey song is perfectly appropriate for Diva night, but it remains something very difficult to pull off successfully. However, these girls sound like they have been performing together for years. The harmonies are beautiful with just enough individual style for each group member to keep viewers engaged. Fifth Harmony are real contenders.

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3. Paige Thomas - "Last Dance"

Paige Thomas - "Last Dance"
Courtesy Fox Television

Mentor Demi Lovato seems like she has identified an exciting style for Paige Thomas. She has an edgy, almost experimental, urban feel to her staging, costuming, and song choice. Digging deep into disco history with Donna Summer's "Last Dance" allowed Paige Thomas to stand out from any other contestants this week with her unique identity. This is her best performance on the show yet.

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4. Vino Alan - "Let's Stay Together"

Vino Alan - "Let's Stay Together"
Courtesy Fox Television

This was not a towering performance from Vino Alan, but he definitely has a set of fans, and the singing here was very solid. Classic soul music is a much better fit for his voice than rock. Vino Alan remains an underdog, but it is also getting easy to warm up to his performance style.

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5. Emblem3 - "No One"

Emblem3 - "No One"
Courtesy Fox Television

Simon Cowell clearly thinks he has a potential goldmine in mentoring Emblem3. Unfortunately, I still haven't seen a performance from them that lives up to his hype. Their singing on Alicia Keys' big hit "No One' was solid in a lackluster week. However, this was not one of the top performances of the season so far. The trio look great and have an obvious appeal, but they still need to stretch to rise to the top of the contestant pool.

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6. Who Will Go Home?

CeCe Frey barely survived last week and a performance that just didn't seem to connect at the end of the show could send her home this week. Also, Beatrice Miller seemed the victim of another poor, too adult, song choice this week and could be imperiled.

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