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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
100 Best Pop Songs of the '90s
A subjective guide to the best pop music of the 90s. These are 100 of the very best songs of the 1990s.
Top 100 Best Love Songs Ever Written
The top 100 best love songs of all time. They range from warm romance to more erotic encounters.
Best Sites for Downloading Free Music
The 5 best free music download sites online. All of these allow free and legal downloading of mp3 files.
Turn Your Tassels to the 40 Best Graduation...
Graduation is an occasion that benefits from great music. Whether it is a party, ceremony, or you are creating a gallery of memories, these are 40 of the top songs of all time for celebrating graduations.
10 Best Pitbull Songs
Armando Perez, aka Pitbull , was a teenage drug dealer, but he used music to escape that lifestyle. Rapper
Get Your House Rocking with the 100 Best Party...
The top 100 party songs of all time. These are the starting point for creating a soundtrack to the best events.
10 Songs About the Power of Friendship
Friendship songs are some of the most touching in pop music. They express a unique kind of love. This is a list of 10 of the best and most memorable.
Get Your Party Started With These 10 Current...
This is an all-purpose party songs collection of guaranteed current hits. These songs will be a perfect soundtrack to a great time.
100 Greatest Pop Songs Ever Written
100 of the best pop songs of all time ranked in order from 1 to 100. Songs selected range from pop standards to contemporary hit songs.
Hits Don't Lie: Shakira's 10 Biggest Pop Songs
Shakira's Career In Pictures .1. "Hips Don't Lie" featuring Wyclef Jean - 2006 - #1 Courtesy Epic "Don't
10 Best Katy Perry Hits
The top 10 best Katy Perry hit songs. She has emerged as one of the top female pop vocalists. Your guide to her 10 best songs including hits produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke.
The Top 10 Hottest Pop Songs for January 7, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
10 Best Rihanna Songs
'> Courtesy Def Jam Rihanna's #1 smash hit "Umbrella" is a defining song of the decade. The song was
Taylor Swift's Most Irresistible Pop Hits
Taylor Swift first came to attention in 2006 as a teen country star. However, by the time of her second
10 Best Justin Bieber Songs
Justin Bieber first came to attention in 2009. He soon became a teen pop sensation. He charted 15 hit
10 Awesome Birthday Songs for Your Big Day
Birthday songs are led of course by "Happy Birthday To You" sung just before you blow out the candles
40 Pop Songs That Define Music Today
These are the 40 current songs that define pop music today.
10 Best Demi Lovato Songs
Demi Lovato is one of the most successful singers to emerge from the Disney music camp. Personal issues interrupted her career, but she returned even stronger than before. These are her 10 best songs.
Selena Gomez Songs
Selena Gomez first emerged as a Disney pop star in the TV series 'Wizards of Waverly Place.' She then made a significant impact on the pop charts with her group the Scene. In her debut as a solo artist she reached the top 10 for the first time.
10 Best Adele Songs
The top 10 best Adele songs. Adele is a world pop phenomenon. Her album '19' was critically acclaimed, and her follow up '21' became one of the biggest hit albums of all time.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs April 15, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
10 Happy Pop Songs Sure to Make You Smile
These 10 happy songs are guaranteed to make you smile. For days when you are down or times are bad, pop songs like these 10 happy songs can bring you back up again within minutes.
Celebrate With 2014's Best Graduation Songs
A new list of top graduation songs for 2014. These songs are perfect for graduation ceremonies and parties with friends and family.
Say "Hello" to Lionel Richie's 10 Biggest Solo...
After leaving the Commodores for a solo career, Lionel Richie became one of the biggest male pop singers of the early 1980s. This is a guide to his best songs.
Akon's 10 Biggest Hit Songs
musical profile rose quickly after his first single "Locked Up" became a hit in 2004. He has since had
Top 10 Justin Timberlake Songs
Justin Timberlake's 10 best songs. Included are songs from the albums 'Justified' and 'FutureSex / Love Sounds' as well as featured apperances with other artists.
Top 10 Clean Party Songs for Kids
Party music that is clean for kids is not always easy to find. Start your playlist off with these 10 current party songs that are lyrically safe for children.
10 Most Romantic Songs of All Time
Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. This is the top 10 love songs that deal with the period when two people twine together as one - romance.
10 Best Maroon 5 Hits
Maroon 5 are a highly successful pop-soul group. They have achieved their biggest success on the pop singles chart with lead vocalist Adam Levine appearing on 'The Voice.' This is a guide to their 10 best songs.
Top 10 Graduation Songs - 2013
A new list of top graduation songs for 2013. Use these songs to celebrate one of life's great events.
Bruno Mars Songs
Bruno Mars emerged as a major pop star in 2010. He is a top performer as well as songwriter and producer. These are his 10 best songs.
"Yeah!" These are Usher's 10 Best Songs
Usher Raymond IV, aka Usher, is one of the top R&B-pop singers of all time. He became a star as a teenager and successfully transitioned to being a top selling adult artist. His songs have been hits across R&B, hip hop, pop, and dance genres.
Top 10 One Direction Songs
One Direction's best songs. These are the boy band's top 10 recordings ranging from uptempo pop rock to thoughtful ballads.
Michael Jackson's 10 Biggest Hits
Michael Jackson is one of the top pop artists of all time. These are 10 of his biggest songs in his career. All were released within a phenomenal 16 year period which made Michael Jackson the biggest pop star in the world.
Top 10 Ellie Goulding Songs
Ellie Goulding's 10 best songs. Although she has released only two full-length studio albums, her songwriting and vocals have distinguished her work among current pop artists.
10 Best Songs to Blast in Your Car
The best driving songs range far and wide. These songs are not necessarily about driving, but they just sound great while in your car.
Beyonce's 10 Biggest Hits
Beyonce first came to the attention of pop fans as a member of Destiny's Child. She had nine top 10 hit
'90s Pop Songs: Your Year-by-Year Guide to the...
Connect to 90s songs, the best music of the decade of the 1990s. Featured artists include Britney Spears, Madonna, and Whitney Houston.
New to ABBA? Start with These 10 Songs
Nearly 30 years after their last public performance as a group, Sweden's ABBA remain the world gold standard
Can You Name Whitney Houston's 10 Biggest Hits?
'> Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images "I Will Always Love You" was the lead single
10 Hits That Made Lady Gaga's Career
Lady Gaga has emerged as one of the world's biggest pop stars in an amazingly short period of time. Her first seven singles all landed in the pop top 10. This is your guide to the 10 best songs by Lady Gaga.
Top 10 Miley Cyrus Songs
'> Courtesy Hollywood Co-written by Jessie J , "Party In the USA" was initially planned to be a song
Coldplay's 10 Best Songs
Coldplay had their first hit songs in 2000 and rose through the decade to become one of the world's most
10 Best Britney Spears Songs
Britney Spears is a pop music icon. She defined teen pop and then return to regain her crown among top pop divas. Her best songs are included here from ...Baby One More Time to Womanizer and beyond.
Turn Up the Heat with the 50 Sexiest Pop Songs...
The 50 best sexy pop songs. These are the songs that best depict the power of sex in song.
10 Great Reggae Songs That Made the Pop Charts
The top reggae pop hit songs of all time. Includes descriptions of songs by Shaggy, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Ziggy Marley, Johnny Nash and more.
10 Great Pop Stations to Listen to Online
List of 10 of the best top 40 / pop radio sations. All are available for listening online. Internet and satellite based stations are included along with traditional radio.
Pink Songs
Pink is one of the most consistently successful female pop artists. She has spent a decade as both a critically acclaimed and commercially successful artist.
Cry Along to the 10 Saddest Songs Ever Written
These 10 sad songs just might make you cry. However, they just may be the catharsis to bring you back up when you are down or life is blue.
10 Best Boy Bands of All Time (Not Counting the...
The top 10 boy bands of all time from the Jackson 5 to One Direction. Both American and British groups are included.
Great Songs For Spring
Top 10 pop music songs for spring. These are songs that help celebrate the new life that comes forth in the springtime. Songs by artists ranging from U2 to Patti LaBelle to Simon & Garfunkel are included.
The 10 Best Chris Brown Songs
The top 10 best Chris Brown songs. He first hit the charts at the age of 16. Chris Brown has evolved into a compelling adult R&B singer and dancer. This is a guide to his 10 best songs.
Calvin Harris Songs
Calvin Harris has emerged as one of the world's top pop dance artists and producers. He has produced his own vocals and worked with singers as varied as Rihanna, Florence Welch, and Kelis. These are his best songs.
Today's Musical Forecast: 10 Great Songs About...
Rain is a frequent topic of pop songs. This is a list of 10 of the best and most evocative of the feelings associated with rain. The Beatles, Eurythmics, Rihanna, Prince, and more are included.
10 Biggest Black Eyed Peas Hits
The Black Eyed Peas hit the pop charts with music that defies genre boundaries. They incorporate strong
Madonna's Record-Setting 38 Top 10 Hits
Complete list of Madonna's top 10 pop hit singles. These are the biggest songs of her career. The total of 38 makes her the artist with the most top 10 singles of the rock era.
10 Pop Songs Everyone Sings Along To
Part of what makes pop music memorable is the ability to sing along with your favorite hit songs. This list narrows the field down to 10 of the absolute favorites for singing along of all time.
When Pop Songs Talk About War
War songs, particularly anti-war songs, are an integral part of pop music history. This is a collection of 10 of the best and most influential. Not all pop songs about war have been against war as this list indicates.
Your Guide to the 40 Most Essential Pop Artists...
These are the top 40 pop recording artists of all time. The list is based on commercial success as well as timeliness and quality of music. The artists included range from top rock and roll performers to today's top recording artists. Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Elton John, and Madonna are among those included.
You've Gotta Have "Faith" in the 10 Best George...
George Michael was one of the most successful solo male pop artists of the 1980s and 1990s. He first emerged a star as part of the duo Wham and did not miss a beat when the duo broke up. These are his 10 best songs.
The 10 Best Christina Aguilera Songs
Christina Aguilera first hit national pop charts in her late teens in 1999. Since then her career has
What Is Pop Music Anyway?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Introduction The
Top 10 American Idol Performances of All-Time
These are the best individual performances from twelve seasons of American Idol. Among the singers included in the list are Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Haley Reinhart, Fantasia, and Chris Daughtry.
Reading the Coldplay Code
The cover for Coldplay's new album 'X&Y' uses colored blocks arranged in a binary code to spell out the title of the album. Here is the explanation of how to read it.
The 10 Best and Biggest Flo Rida Hits
Flo Rida is one of the most successful of all rappers on the pop singles chart. He has created a series of major hit singles that effectively blur the boundaries between the two genres.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs March 11, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
10 Love Songs Lovely Enough for Your Wedding
Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. This is the top 10 love songs that are appropriate for a wedding.
Pharrell Williams' Best Songs
Pharrell Williams has had major success on the pop charts as artist, songwriter, and producer. These are his best songs, the highlights of his career.
Top 10 NSYNC Songs
NSYNC's best songs. The boy band were one of the world's top pop artists from 1997 through 2002. Justin Timberlake became a top pop solo artist after the group became inactive.
Top 100 Pop Songs Of 2013 - The Year's Best
Top 100 Pop Songs of 2013. These are the most memorable recordings of the year.
The 10 Best Barbra Streisand Songs
Barbra Streisand is one of the top pop recording artists of all time as well as an accomplished film
Happily Ever After: 10 Love Songs About Lasting...
Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. This are the top 10 that celebrate a relationship that lives on happily ever after.
Jennifer Lopez Songs
Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful pop singers of Latin descent of all time. She is also a very successful actress. These are her 10 best pop hit songs.
Let Him Entertain You: The 10 Best Robbie...
Robbie Williams began his hitmaking career as a member of the British boy band Take That . When he left
The Top 10 Best Bee Gees Songs
The Bee Gees are one of the most successful brother groups of all times. They had their first success as a pop group in the 1960s and became the biggest pop group in the world in the late 1970s. This is a guide to their 10 best songs.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs April 1, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
Celebrate the Crush: 10 Giddy Songs about New...
Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. This is the top 10 love songs that deal with that giddy first flush of love - the crush.
Watch the 10 Best Enrique Iglesias Videos
Enrique Iglesias' music is clearly enhanced by his creation of accompanying videos. Most of his music videos celebrate the star's natural sex appeal. This is guide to the 10 best.
10 Songs That Define Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart is one of the top 20 pop artists of all time in the US. These is a list of his top 10 pop hit songs.
10 Asian Boy Bands You Need to Know
The concept of the boy band is alive and well in Asia. Top boy bands from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and mainland China are selling huge numbers of songs and albums. This is an introductory guide to the best in Asian boy bands.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs April 8, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
Top 10 Best OneRepublic Songs
OneRepublic's best songs. The band are one of the most successful adult pop bands of the past decade. These are their 10 best songs.
Elton John Songs
Elton John released his first solo album Empty Sky in 1969. By 1970 he had his first top 10 pop single
The 10 Most Popular Songs from "Glee"
Glee songs have invaded the pop music charts like music from no other movie or TV show ever has. This is an ongoing list of the 10 biggest hit songs from the show Glee.
Nothing Compares to the 10 Best Pop Songs of 1990
Courtesy Chrysalis The song "Nothing Compares 2 U" was written by Prince and the first recording was
10 Awesome James Bond Themes That Will Leave...
The best of James Bond movie songs. There have been many classics. This is a list of the 10 best including songs by Paul McCartney & Wings, Shirley Bassey, and Carly Simon.
Michael Jackson Videos
In addition to his phenomenal impact on the world of pop music, Michael Jackson was also one of the top
Top 10 Fall Out Boy Songs
Fall Out Boy's best songs. These are the top 10 from the group that defined post-hardcore and then stormed the pop mainstream.
10 Barry Manilow Songs That Make the Whole...
Barry Manilow is one of the top pop artists of all time. These are his 10 best songs.
Shakira Discography
Annotated listing of Shakira's albums with details on hit singles and chart positions.
Top 10 Rihanna Videos
Rihanna's music is celebrated and enhanced by the accompanying videos. The subject matter ranges from highly dramatic to pure fun in the club. This is the guide to the 10 best.
Pitbull Profile
Pitbull is a Cuban-American rapper. He has become a very successful mainstream pop artist reaching the pop top 10 four times as lead artist. Pitbull is also highly successful as a featured artist on the music of others.
Top 10 Love Songs: Breakup Songs
Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. This is the top 10 love songs for when things just don't work out.
Top 10 Summer Songs of All Time
These are the top 10 pop songs that instantly bring to mind and sing of summer. Enjoy these great songs cruising the highway, at the beach, or the bbq.
One Direction Music Videos
Music videos have been a major component of the success of One Direction. This is a complete list with details for each music video.
Top 10 Kelly Clarkson Songs
The best songs released so far by Kelly Clarkson with commentary on each. She is the first 'American Idol' and has continued on to become one of the top pop female recording artists.
Top 10 Songs of 1991
In 1991 dance music continued on a hot streak. A new British invasion introduced bands such as EMF and
Unwrap the 100 Greatest Christmas Songs in Pop...
The 100 top Christmas songs of all time as performed by pop artists. Includes details about each song and links to videos of performances by pop artists.
Nothing "Complicated" about the 10 Best Avril...
Avril Lavigne first hit the pop charts as a teenager. Since then she has become one of the world's top female pop-rock singers. This is a guide to her 10 best songs.
Top 10 Disney Teen Pop Songs
The Walt Disney record label family has promoted a style of pure pop that has been a mainstay of the teen pop genre for over a decade. These are the top 10 defining Disney teen pop songs.
Bow Before the 10 Best Divas in Music History
The dictionary defines diva simply as 'goddess.' All of these women are pop music goddesses. The top 10 pop music divas of all time are listed.
Top 10 Skrillex Pop Remixes
10 of the best remixes of pop songs by Skrillex, aka Sonny John Moore. He started his music career as lead vocalist for the post-hardcore band From First To Last. As a solo artist, DJ, and remixer, he is a nominee for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2012.
Top 10 Top 10 Jock Anthems
Jock anthems or jock jams, music that makes you want to move is a major part of a sports event. These are 10 of the best.
Top 10 Essential Pop Music Videos
These are the 10 definitive current pop music videos.
9 Great Pop Songs For Easter
Easter is both a major religious holiday and celebration of the broader concepts of hope and rebirth. These songs explore the many themes of Easter.
10 Examples Of Swear Words and Foul Language In...
So-called bad words have been appearing in pop music for decades. These are 10 of the most memorable examples of curse words and foul language in hit pop songs.
Top 10 Amy Winehouse Songs
Amy Winehouse tragically died at the age of 27. She was one of the most acclaimed female singer-songwriters
Top 10 Alanis Morissette Lyrics
Alanis Morissette is one of the most powerful and arresting lyricists in pop music. This is a selection
Top 10 Best Novelty Songs
A listing of the top 10 best novelty pop hits of all time, those songs with a gimmick.
Top 10 Aaliyah Songs
Aaliyah reached the top 10 of the pop singles chart with her very first single when only 15. Originally
Top 10 Songs of 1992
1992 was surprisingly a great year for pop ballads, including "I Will Always Love You," and "The End
Top 10 American Idol Alumni
These are the 10 top stars that have emerged from American Idol, the world's top talent competition.
How To Find Music Videos on YouTube
A guide to how music is featured at YouTube.com. How to find the most popular, music on the way up, and what others are watching.
Shakira, from Colombia, is one of the biggest selling Latin-born musicians of all time. Her album 'Pies Descalzos' made her a star in Spanish-speaking countries and the album 'Laundry Service' broke into the American music market.
We Just Can't Get Enough of the 10 Best Depeche...
Courtesy Mute Records "Just Can't Enough" is representatitive of Depeche Mode's early, very melodic new
Head To a Great Music Festival This Year
Music festivals continue to expand in number and size in the US. This is a guide to the best 10 for fans of pop music.
Top 10 Songs of 1995
'> Courtesy Maverick Records Former child actor Alanis Morissette appeared kicking and screaming in the
Top 10 Songs of 1993
In 1993 the pop music world seemed to be split down the middle. On one side were the grunge and alt-rock
How Many of Mariah Carey's No. 1 Hits Can You...
Mariah Carey had a phenomenal string of number one hit singles in the 1990's. This is a listing of her number one hit singles and albums.
Top 10 James Brown Pop Hits
James Brown's top 10 singles on the pop chart. He reached the Billboard pop singles chart 99 times in his career and is one of the top 10 pop artists of all time.
Top 10 Songs of 1994
1994 was a year of amazing voices. This top 10 includes the chart introductions of Counting Crow's lead
20 Events That Changed Pop Music Forever
The gramophone was patented by Emile Berliner in 1887. It allowed the mass production of disc recordings that would eventually become the dominant media for distributing recorded music.
Top 10 Madonna Music Videos
Madonna is one of the top pop music artists of all time. The best of her music videos are nearly as memorable as the best of her music. This is a guide to her 10 best music videos.
Is Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" a Self Parody?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Listen Purchase
Top 10 Auto-Tune Songs
These are great pop songs enhanced by the use of Auto-Tune, an audio processing system created by Antares Technologies. The technology has drawn controversy because it can be used to give artists perfect pitch who do not have the skill without the help of the technology. However, Auto-Tune has been used as an integral instrument in producing deliberate effects in pop music. These are 10 songs that stand out in the use of Auto-Tune to alter the sound of the human voice for artistic purposes.
Top 4 Major Pop Record Labels
Descriptions and identification of key artists for the top 4 major pop record labels.
Top 10 Songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Burt Bacharach and Hal David were one of the most successful pop songwriting teams of the 1960s and early 1970s. They created a legacy of elegant, timeless pop songs.
Name the Boy Band Quiz
Name the Boy Band - A Photo Quiz: photo quiz newsletter name document url boy bands pairs
Top 10 Tony Bennett Songs
Tony Bennett was born Anthony Benedetto in New York City in 1926. He faught in the US Army in World War
Katy Perry
Katy Perry's Early Life and Career: Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California.
UK Pop Charts for April 26, 2014
Coverage of the UK pop singles and albums charts for the week ending April 26, 2014 by James Masterton.
Top 10 New Pop Artists To Watch in 2014
10 of the most acclaimed new artists expected to make a pop splash in 2014. Among the artists included are Chloe Howl, Sam Smith, Banks, and Drowners.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs March 18, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
Top 10 New Pop Songs February 11, 2014
The top new pop songs released the week of February 11, 2014.
Top 10 Cher Songs
Cher's top songs. The living legend has hit the pop charts for nearly 50 years. These are her 10 best hits.
The Story Of Justin Bieber
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Justin Bieber's
Top 10 Kelly Rowland Songs
Kelly Rowland's top songs. She began her career as a member of Destiny's Child. Her best work includes solo songs as well as collaborations with other artists.
Top 10 Comforting Pop Songs
The top 10 pop songs to provide comfort when times are difficult. These songs help ease feelings of helplessness, loneliness and despair.
Top 10 Hot Pop Songs February 4, 2014
Chart of the 10 hottest pop songs as determined by About Top 40.
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is a teen actress and singer. She first gained attention on the Disney TV series 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' and she has since become a successful pop singer with her band the Scene.

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