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Readers Respond: Favorite Songs of the 1990s

Responses: 27



At least get some sublime in here. They have a number of songs that are much better than these songs. This list is mediocre at best
—Guest Jim

Great List

Fantastic list but I was quite disappointed not to see Bryan Adams in there...
—Guest Nton999

Where is Guns N' Roses??

Great lists, but where is Guns N' Roses who released the Use Your Illusion albums in 1991... Looking for songs such as November Rain, Don't Cry, Civil War and You Could Be Mine! For me they were a huge part of the 90's sound and radio airplay.
—Guest roadrunner

It's all coming back to me now

go and listen to that song and you'll see it's epic , why people always ignore Celine Dion talent
—Guest manuel

U2's One

Mysterious ways is a really great example of U2 reinventing their sound, but i feel that One is a better example of the anthem-ic sound that made U2 the band it is
—Guest Droc77

Kiss Me?

I think you missed out on Sixpence None the Richer's KISS ME, one of the most lyrically and sonically satisfying pop tunes of the late 90's.
—Guest garsh


I think this is a GREAT list. I made a 90's playlist on www.projectplaylist.com using this list. However, I would like to state there are soooo many songs missing from it. Thanks though! :)
—Guest SamiStern

No...Okay No again

I was so going with this list until I read Britney Spears at number 1. I'm sorry but that's an un-un no way, no how that her little "Oh look at me, I'm a hoe use me any way you want pretty please?" can be considered music enough to beat Kurt Cobain or Whitney Houston. These are legends. She is a good singer, but not a legend, no. Someone, somewhere needs to redo this list. Look I really can understand that song being in the top ten but number 1? Someone somewhere is smokin some good Mary Jane....lol.
—Guest CLovergirl84

One hit Wonder

Lou Bega's Mambo #5 The best one hit wonder of 1999. And a fun music to grove to.


re: depeche mode, agreed. re: third eye blind, disagreed. obviously this list is going to ignore the underground artists that made pop possible in the 90s, but there is tons of radio music that could have made it here. and i especially feel funny that there is very little rap, and very little rock here. where is snoop? how about the pixies? no public enemy? no radiohead? where is weezer? bjork? nas? notorious b.i.g.?? it's annoying that this list makes it so high on google search, but thankfully this is the internet and there are lots of different sources people can go to when they research the musical legacy of the 90s.


Are you all out of your minds? Where is Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence? It was one of the best songs ever, not just of the 90s! It was on MTV for months! It topped all charts! It should be at list 3rd on this list! But not among top 100! Shame!
—Guest asf

Third Eye Blind's "Semi Charmed Life"

Whenever I hear this song, it immediately makes me happy. Such a fun song to sing along to. I always think about high school and how we'd always blast this driving around town.
—Guest mady993

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