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Readers Respond: Favorite Songs of the 1990s

Responses: 55



No Green Day? Offspring? New Radicals? Eminem? I think that there are some glaring ommisions in this list
—Guest alez


This is a stupid list! Where's HOLD ON by wilson phillips, ONE SWEET DAY of Mariah carey boyzIImen, and where's on bended knees? where's IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE, the 3rd biggest selling ost of all time! this is whacked~
—Guest markus


Where is Man In the Box? One of the top 5 greatest songs made let alone the 90s.
—Guest dan

I stopped at 74

How can End of the Road be 74 when it is the second longest number one single in history. Should have been higher. Obviously people loved that song in the ninety's. IJS
—Guest Michael B

Agreed with Bill

Gin blossoms? Hey Jealousy and/or Alison road deserved to be on this list. And, what's with Brit at number one? Alanis or Sinead should be there. Or hey! Maybe the GIN BLOSSOMS.
—Guest Grace

This list is missing a lot!

What about Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sublime, The Offspring, Depeche Mode and countless others? Hmmm...
—Guest Guest

Great List

I like your taste in music! I liked most of the songs. :3
—Guest Jo

wosrt list

Might as well take the list down its garbage. No Green Day, Pearl Jam, and one oasis song. What about Champagne Supernova? The offspring, Bush, The Black Crows, Tom Petty, Cracker, Big Head Todd and many more. But there were so many great songs in the 90's I'm sure its hard to narrow it down. But Smashmouth in top 10? Britney no. 1? Come on.
—Guest Jordan

Hit me baby but I don't agree..

Nirvana's Smell like Teen Spirit should be in no. 1 & not Minnie Mouse..
—Guest Kids of yesterday

Where are the Gin Blossoms?

Hey Jealousy was without a doubt one of the top ten best songs of 1993.
—Guest Bill

Celine dion AND Seal

what about celine dion and BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME. and Seal KISS FROM A ROSE
—Guest alexrp33


love many of these songs but dont agree with this list. no mc hammer's- u cant touch this?, you get what you give by new radicals?, tha crossroads by BTnH?, one sweet day by boyz2men? please,please,please edit dis list :l
—Guest guest pip

Horrible list...

Where the crap is Green Day????? They had so many great songs in the 90's...
—Guest Brett


Coming on the scene in the last year of the decade, was she that big that she can be given the #1 spot? I agree she was big in the 2000s but hers was not one of the songs that defined the decade of the 90s. It ended and marked the beginning of a new era in music....in more ways than one.
—Guest guest


I find it odd so many people don't remember these songs. I do think there were some songs I'd have liked to see, but these didn't come out of left field. As far as Britney topping the list. Eh. That would be a tough call, but as much as I'd say Nirvana/grunge influenced rock, I'd say Britney had a far larger cultural significance beyond the 90s. It's a toss up. As to the list itself. I would have liked to have seen Pearl Jam or Green Day on there, but when compared with the other items on the list, I'm not sure if either had the same cultural impact.
—Guest 2ndopinion

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Favorite Songs of the 1990s

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