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Readers Respond: My Top Pop Songs Built On Samples

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Since the heyday of Vanilla Ice and his hit "Ice Ice Baby" samples have played a significant role in pop music. Sometimes the re-use of a classic is a revelatory gem. Share some of your favorite examples here.

my favorite pop mmusic

I really like "we are the world"by the king of pop Michael Jackson because it shows on how people in this world having untity for the sake of a certain country.. let's have a unity towards a better nation"
—Guest kimbY

Funky Cold Medina

The sampling isn't as blatant in this one as it is in, say, Vanilla Ice's tune, but Tone Loc's 'Funky Cold Medina' uses the guitar riffs from 'Hot Blooded' (Foreigner). And it's a really fun song too! I'm not a fan of MIA's 'Paper Planes' though. I like The Clash song it samples - maybe it's the cash register "ding" that bugs me!

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